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ORCID: 000-0002-7345-659X


  1. N.B. Ludwig, Correlations and Self-Assembly in Ionic and Nematic Liquids pdf
  2. N.B. Ludwig, K. Weirich, E. Alster, T.A. Witten, M.L. Gardel, K. Dasbiswas, S. Vaikuntanathan. Nucleation and shape dynamics of model nematic tactoids around adhesive colloids JCP 149, 084901 (2020). pdf arXiv:1909.03481.
  3. V. Kamysbayev*, V. Srivastava*, N.B. Ludwig*, O.J. Borkiewicz, H. Zhang, J. Ilavsky, B. Lee, K.W. Chapman, S. Vaikuntanathan, D.V. Talapin. Nanocrystals in Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids: Experimental Observation of Ionic Correlations Extending beyond the Debye Length, ACS Nano 10.1021/acsnano.9b01292. [*: contributed equally] pdf supplementary
  4. N.B. Ludwig, K. Dasbiswas, D.V. Talapin, S. Vaikuntanathan. Describing screening in dense ionic fluids with a charge-frustrated Ising model, JCP 149, 164505 (2018). pdf arXiv:1810:00918
  5. H. Zhang, K. Dasbiswas, N.B. Ludwig, G. Han, B. Lee, S. Vaikuntanathan, D.V. Talapin. Stable colloids in molten inorganic salts, Nature 542, 328 (2017). pdf supplementary