Slate Star Codex scrapes and ebooks

I’ve been reading Slate Star Codex for a few years now, and recently got a Kindle ereader. So naturally I thought it’d be a good idea to scrape SSC and convert the scrape into a set of ebooks.

You can find the resulting code and scrape (as of 201122) at my Github or below.

In particular, you will find a set of .docx files as well as some .mobi ereader format files. I’ve chosen to divide the scrape by year. You’ll find that most of the images of the blog have been scraped, and that the blog entries are represented in the .mobi ebooks as “chapters” that are accessible via the “Go to” menu (at least for Kindle).

I’ve enjoyed the blog for a number of years and look forward to reading it on my ereader. I hope you enjoy it as well!

(I should explicitly note that I did not write SSC, I’m just a fan.)

.mobi download links:

.docx download links:

November 22nd, 2020 scrape results